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Uke Can Do It! My Learning Project Introduction

Welcome to the start of my learning project journey! After humming and hawing for a few days trying to narrow down my list of things I'd like to learn, I have finally made a decision to work on the ukulele! I think knowing a few songs on the ukulele would be fun and might also be helpful as a future educator. You never know when you might end up teaching ukulele or playing some live music as a way to call students' attention or notify them of a transition time. My experience with ukulele is very minimal. Several of my family members own ukuleles, and about 5 years ago I taught myself how to play one song. I learned the Lava song from the Pixar short that came out a couple years earlier by watching this YouTube video  (I didn't remember this exact video, but when I typed "I lava you ukulele" in the search bar, YouTube kindly showed me my previously watched video) and following along until I memorized the chords. In the past 5 years, I have occasionally picked up a

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